Friday, September 2, 2011

If You Didn't Find Summer Love, Here Are Eight Easy And Doable Steps To Jump Start Your Love Life After Labor Day!

Did you go into summer hoping for some steamy Summer romance but just walked away with a tepid kiss or two? Disappointed that you didn't get to enjoy long sunset walks on the beach with that special someone but instead spent more evenings than you care to count packed in like a sardine in a crowded bar? Not to fret! In my opinion, Fall is actually the best time of year to find love! Singles return to the city less distracted, refocused on their love lives and committed to meeting that special someone with whom that can snuggle up with when the weather turns cold. So here are a few easy and doable tips to help you find love in the Fall season:

1) Treat Labor Day like New Year's. Don't wait until January to get motivated to start hitting the gym, quit smoking, start the job search for the job you want, etc. Treat Labor Day as a fresh start with unlimited possibilities to take control of your life and make the changes you've been wanting to make. People are drawn to other happy, well-adjusted people, so make sure you are bringing a happy, positive, confident mindset the table.

2) Go shopping! Yes, go shopping! Make a budget to purchase a few flattering Fall date pieces. New clothes make you feel good about yourself. Find clothes that fit your body properly and flatter your figure/physique. This advice applies to men as well! Faded or tattered shirts and outdated styles can be a turn off and women absolutely love a well dressed man! Invest in a few pieces that really convey who you are in the best sense possible.

3) For the women - Get a Fall makeup makeover! Colors that may suit you in the summer may look unflattering in the Fall without your great summer tan or may not match the colors of your Fall attire. Go to a professional at one of the counters at Macy's, Bloomingdales, Saks, Bergdorf's, etc. and put yourself in an expert's hands - it's free to have a makeup application and they just anticipate that you will buy some of the products used. Make sure when you leave that you don't just have the products but that you also know how to obtain that same look. Keep it simple!

4) Fall is a great time to be outdoors - get outside! In the summer, people tend to avoid being indoors if they can and opt for the beach (not always the easiest place to meet someone!). The Fall is a great time to be outdoors and to meet new people! Sign up for some city walking tours, check out a local sculpture garden, do something physical like join a Central Park softball league, go rollerskating on the Highline or do one of the many physical activities at Chelsea Piers. Even if you don't meet that special someone, you will be doing something fun and getting great exercise. And most men and women are attracted to people who bring interesting experiences to the table - so, if nothing else, it gives you something different to talk about on the first date!

5) If you're on JDate or Match, shake things up on your profile. Most people create an online profile and then let it sit for months or even years without updating it. Changing your profile picture every so often gets your profile flagged as "updated" to other members and often makes people check you out again for a second look! Updating your content with activities you have done recently or trips you have recently taken makes you stand out among the thousands of other profiles. The more specific content you can add, the better!

6) Give your FB profile an overhaul. Even though Facebook is not an online dating site - many people have met their significant others by connecting on Facebook. I find it amazing how many people do not use Facebook as a tool to potentially meet a great guy or girl. Think about how you are portraying yourself on Facebook - are all of your pictures showing you partying or do you show yourself with friends and family at close family gatherings? Is your profile photo flattering or is it dark and hard to see? Are you posting interesting and humorous comments and updates or are you constantly venting and portraying a negative attitude? Think about how you would view yourself as an outsider - or better yet, get a second opinion from someone you trust!

7) Start spreading the word. Let your friends and colleagues know that you would love to meet someone wonderful this Fall and see if they know anyone who might be a good match. Often people assume that their friends are fine and don't need any help - letting them know that you would be very appreciative of a quality set up can produce amazing results! Most people love being a matchmaker for their friends!

8) Set some goals. People tend to have a greater chance of getting what they want by setting goals - whether it's for business, weight loss or dating. Set a goal that you want to be in a loving, supportive, wonderful relationship by the holidays and then set realistic smaller goals that will help make that happen. For example by setting a number of social events you plan to attend per month or an amount of hours you will dedicate each week to meeting people online, you are more likely to meet someone than by simply saying "I am going to be more social." Set goals and stick to them!

Have a great holiday weekend and happy dating!

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